Grammar and Beyond Level 1 - Randi Reppen

Grammar and Beyond Level 1

By Randi Reppen

  • Release Date: 2013-09-30
  • Genre: Foreign Languages


Grammar and Beyond ensures success in the classroom and beyond with its unique combination of corpus-based information, direct application of grammar in all four skills, with a special emphasis on the grammar of writing, and ample writing assignments. 
• Grammar in the Real World: Each unit presents the grammar in a realistic context, using intriguing, contemporary readings.
• Real World application: Students practice using the grammar in ways they will be expected to outside of class – with a special emphasis on written forms.
• Avoid Common Mistakes: Students study, and practice fixing, the most common mistakes (based on a corpus of learner language).
• Data from the Real World: Students learn key differences between spoken and written English as well as the most common structures.
• Audio links: Students click on the audio icon and hear the audio recording in order to complete the exercise.
• Search inside: Students can search by page number, word, or even grammatical term to find what they need.
• This book is best viewed on an iPad.