Little Red Riding Had - Matthew Lindenburg

Little Red Riding Had

By Matthew Lindenburg

  • Release Date: 2013-09-29
  • Genre: Children's Fiction


Little Red is a young dinosaur trying to bring a basket of fresh, green leaves to her sick grandmother. Can she make her way through the Quiver Tree Forest and past a hungry T. Rex.


  • What a delight!

    By j81970
    My kids loved this book and so did I. It was utterly fresh and charming to see an unfamiliar spin on a familiar tale. The watercolor illustrations are lovely -- very delicate and impressionistic. My kids enjoyed noticing the small details, like trying to find the litle prehistoric bird (forget the type/name?) that hides in every illustration. The author clearly had fun with this and it's a gentle and funny book - though my kids were worried for Little Riding Had!