Dictionary of Gypsy Life and Lore - Harry E. Wedeck

Dictionary of Gypsy Life and Lore

By Harry E. Wedeck

  • Release Date: 2015-09-08
  • Genre: Reference


Through the centuries, Gypsies all over the world have been misunderstood, maligned, rejected. Outcasts of the countries in which they live, they have wandered for centuries over the face of the earth. They have no homeland, no political unity, no recognition among nations. They have been alone, sundered, shunned, persecuted and banished. Until about a century ago, their original home had been a matter of dispute. Their language had been a source of puzzlement. Yet their conduct and their traditions, their feeling for music, dance and song, have all been acclaimed. Still they were not accepted and were forced to remain apart from conventional society.
Here is their epic history, with its folktales and beliefs, its rites and customs. Here is the vast treasury of the Gypsies.

Harry E. Wedeck was a linguistic, scholar of the classics, observer of spheres beyond the norm and a practicing witch. A native of Sheffield, England,  Mr. Wedeck was chairman of the department of classical languages at Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn, New York, from 1935 to 1950 and then taught the classics at Brooklyn College until 1968. Afterward, he lectured on medieval studies at the New School for Social Research until 1974. Some of his excursions into the unusual remain available in reprint editions. They include Dictionary of Astrology, A Dictionary of Aphrodisiacs, A Treasury of Witchcraft and Triumph of Satan.